New CCPA Calls for More Awareness and Facebook Revamps Privacy Plan

by | May 10, 2019 | CCPA, Data privacy, Data Privacy Solutions, Facebook, Privacy laws, Privacy News

Facebook privacy issues
Nearly half of U.S.-based employees are unfamiliar with emerging California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which could affect businesses and innovators. Zuckerberg explains how Facebook gets ‘privacy-focused’, including how they will work with the online education site, Udacity. Similarly, Microsoft 365 to offer tighter security and privacy controls.
The CCPA oversees the collection and usage of data. Unfortunately, 46% of US workers do not know what CCPA is. Additionally, since experts expect the law to apply to more than 500,000 US companies, more work is needed to train US employees on this regulation.

Recently, a survey testing privacy knowledge was conducted on 1000 employees. Reports suggest that 12% of employees said they were unsure if they should report a cybercriminal stealing sensitive client data while at work. This issue demonstrates that there is a strong need for privacy awareness training in protecting sensitive information. That being said, a national data privacy standard must be addressed by Congress this year. However, there are risks involved. For example, if data rules are not implemented and followed, it could harm startup culture and have a negative effect on innovators.

In other news, Zuckerberg’s plans to become more privacy-focused, include end-to-end encryption for Messenger conversations, and secure WhatsApp statuses that only friends can see. They are spending $3 billion to cover possible fines from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over privacy violations. In the future, they plan to emphasize private messaging and attain a more prominent role in privacy communities. Additionally, they will remove groups that have harmful content, supporting their motto, “The future is private”.

Facebook wants AI researchers to figure out privacy. They are currently working with Udacity, an online learning site, to try to enable AI research that doesn’t affect or harm privacy. As an incentive, they are offering scholarships to 5,000 people to encourage them to take a new Udacity course called Secure and Private AI. The idea is for people to learn how to apply techniques that AI powers are using.

Microsoft is also gearing towards better security by strengthening security options available to Microsoft 365 customers. With access to new data controls, businesses will be able to better manage encrypted emails, prevent sharing of sensitive information, and investigate possible data errors. Using these controls, people can hone in on specific security issues, such as data leakage or phishing attacks. On top of that, Microsoft 365 is adding a feature called “Secure Private Channels,” to help protect sensitive information from being unintentionally shared or leaked.

With large companies working to protect their consumers’ personal data, and CCPA working to enforce consumer rights, privacy has never been more prominent.

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