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Use Case

Protected Vertical DaaS

B2B organizations generate data that is beneficial for their customers, for example, a logistics company offering route optimization intelligence. Bringin in more customers’ data can lead to improved optimization and more accurate models.   However, this data contains confidential information, and care must be taken not to expose customer’s data to each other.  

Our solutions help B2B companies provide collective intelligence to their customers while making sure that no confidential or private information is exposed.

Collective Intelligence

Collaborate with data partners to leverage everyone’s data and develop models that benefit all.


New Business Models

From on-demand reports to customized insights create new tailored solutions for your customers.

Protect Confidentiality

Never disclose specific information that could expose your customers’ data.


Unlocking Data Monetization

One of the largest aggregators of credit card transaction data wanted to open up a new revenue stream, by using its data for secondary purposes with its business partners: retailers, banks and advertising companies. They could help their partners achieve better ad conversion rate, improved customer satisfaction, and more timely offerings. However, the use of data for secondary purposes needed to respect user privacy and specific regulations. 

Monetizing Healthcare Data

A large healthcare network, with millions of patients, wanted to share patient data
for Real World Data (RWD) purposes, academic research, training of new staff, and
improving patient outcomes. However, they were restricted from allowing others to
access their data because of privacy regulations.