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CES and Data Privacy

James Martin/CNET Data privacy was present at the Consumer Electronics Show, however, the way in which tech companies are protecting privacy is still unclear.   This week, more than 180,000 people gathered in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) expecting...

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Weekly News #3

Experts predict that data privacy will take the center stage in 2019 and that organizations will have to fully embrace it. Google and other cloud providers are already jumping into the privacy wave by offering de-identification tools for healthcare data.  Data privacy...

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Weekly News #2

New information on Facebook’s user data misuse causes a $30 billion market-value loss. US senators propose the Data Care Act to regulate privacy across the 50 states. Reporting data breaches is now mandatory in Canada. The Department of Health and Human Services wants...

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Weekly News #1

US legislators are proposing fines and jail for CEO's of breached companies after the data breach of Marriot and Quora. The US Census Bureau is using differential privacy to protect data privacy while allowing data analysis. FTI Consulting is offering a...

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