Use only privacy-protected customer data to gain business
insights and customer intelligence while demonstrating privacy compliance.

Privacy Automation

Current approaches to de-identify data such as masking and tokenization can leave data unprotected or without analytical value.
CN-Protect is an out-of-the-box privacy automation software that leverages AI and the most advanced anonymization techniques, such as optimal k-Anonymity and Differential Privacy, to protect data and maintain analytical value.

Key Features of CN-Protect

Auto Risk Assessment and Scoring

Instant system based Risk Scoring for the risk of re-identification.

Legal and Regulatory data compliance is focused on Privacy compliance and the risk of an individual being identified from a data set. Have system based assessment and reporting evidence of the risk assessment process.

Metadata Classification

Meta Data classification to understand the characteristics of the data.

Automated, system based ML classification techniques to understand schema and metadata characterization. An essential component before you can accurately assess the risks of a dataset.

Apply State-of-the-Art Privacy Techniques

Dialed privacy protection

Once you understand the risk of re-identification contained in a dataset, now apply a range of generalization and protection technology to reduce or remove the risk of re-identification and instantly see the effect.

Automatic Privacy Policy Enforcerment

Define and enforce enterprise policy protection for GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA

Full control of the tradeoff between privacy protection and analytical value

Use Privacy Risk and Data Quality metrics to fine-tune the privacy protection of your data elements.

CN-Protect Technology

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