Products Overview

CryptoNumerics helps organizations address privacy challenges and requirements in an automated and enterprise-class manner. Our solutions balance the demand for data with analytical value required in Data Science while still meeting privacy compliance.


Privacy Automation: Addressing privacy governance and compliance in an enterprise-class, end to end process for generating data with higher analytical value for Data Science and Analytics, ML and AI applications


  • Higher quality data for Data Science
  • End to End Privacy Management
  • Automated Risk Assessment and Scoring
  • Privacy Preserving Actions Applied
  • Audit & Compliance Reports


Virtual Data Collaboration: Allowing organizations to collaborate for data science across divisions and externally without actually sharing or combining the data and therefore simplifying and meeting Risk and Compliance requirements.




  • Leverages Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC)
  • Metadata and Schema data exchanged
  • Secret Shares exchanged (not the data)
  • Build and Train Models from Shares
  • Gain business insights without sharing data

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