CN-Protect for Data Science

A plugin for your data science platform that lets you privacy protect sensitive datasets to seamlessly use them to create better models.

Privacy protection for Machine Learning – State-of-the-art data privacy protection techniques that preserve more analytical value to help you build better models.

Easy to use – Seamlessly integrate privacy protection into your data science workflow.  Works with Python, Anaconda, Jupyter notebooks and SciKit.

Reduce time dealing with Compliance – Spend less time getting sensitive data released by compliance thanks to our automated privacy protection software that satisfy the latest regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA. 


Plug-in to your Data Science Stack

Privacy protection within pandas with just a few lines of code.  SAS and R Studio plugin versions coming soon.

Full control of the tradeoff between privacy protection and analytical value

Use Privacy Risk and Data Quality metrics to fine-tune the privacy protection of your data elements, including quasi-identifiers.

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