CryptoNumerics’ Privacy Automation Solutions

by | Aug 9, 2019

The demand for data privacy automation has arrived. Manual ways to make data private cannot keep up with the new data privacy regulations and thus a new solution is needed. This is hindering many organizations by slowing down their data processes and analytics. To combat this, companies need privacy automation to unlock their data and use their most valuable asset in a way that both protects and adds value to their customers’ lives.

The CryptoNumerics solutions bring forth a new next-generation of privacy automation solutions. Privacy automation is not just about encrypting and hashing data. It’s far more complex than that. Privacy automation needs to assess the risk of the data for re-identification. It needs to apply privacy actions to the data that allows the analytical value to be used in data science environments. It also needs to balance the compliance and risk teams’ requirements together with the data analytics teams. Privacy automation needs to provide complete audit and compliance reporting. CryptoNumerics’ privacy automation solutions are truly next-generational. It’s intended to be enterprise and end-to-end, thus harmonizing the needs of both the Compliance and the Data Science teams.

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